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Oct. 21st, 2009

It got cold here very suddenly. On the plus side, it really feels like fall. On the down side, the rain makes it rather difficult to do laundry. There are so many things about the way the US celebrates fall that makes it bitching awesome: pumpkin pie, apple picking, brilliantly colored leaves. The American store is currently out of canned pumpkin, so I really hope they get some before November. Otherwise I'm not sure what I will do. Be warned, pumpkin-shunners. Also, the leaves do change colors here, but the pallate is a rather unexceptional mix of ashy yellows, oranges, and browns.

And with the drop in temperature comes the rise in colds. One of the girls I work with has been fighting a cold for a week, and I finally succumbed to feeling a bit ill yesterday afternoon. I set out to grab a bottle of zinc, orange juice, and thread. I found out at the pharmacy that selling zinc separated into little pills of its own is unheard of in this country, but that they are really happy to sell you any sort of effervescent tablet. I've been dropping them into my orange juice, and they're extremely tasty that way, as they make the juice a bit fizzy and more citrusy. Also, the thread has been successfully used for emergency pants surgery (you can't call it sewing the violent and haphazard way I do it; it's more like surgery circa 1509), and that pair of pants I somehow ripped on a bus seat are wearable again.

The weather has driven me indoors, so nothing really unusual to report outside of Halloween planning. I wonder if anyone I know will bother hosting a Halloween party here? The kids are really looking forward to it (although they don't do anything like trick-or-treating until Christmas), I suspect largely because it means they don't have to work hard and they get candy. They also get the language assistants making asses of themselves in costumes. What's not to love?

They drove me a little crazy today. I've never had a greater urge to give up improving their English and simply translate things into Spanish, nor to rope them all together to a single desk and walk away. Oh, children, children. You outnumber me 20 to 1 and are making exceptional use of your strength in numbers.

Until later.


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Oct. 21st, 2009 07:36 pm (UTC)
It was really cold here last week, and now it's suddenly back up in the 60's. My apartment is currently 75 degrees F, and I don't wanna turn on the AC. I used to think it was warmed by my utter frustration/rage at my job, but now that I got the promotion I dunno what to think. Maybe the apartment below me went super-sauna.
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