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Oct. 2nd, 2009

Well today has been a day full of minor annoyances. It seems I can't open a bank account at the BBVA near me without a NIE or a NIE application stamped by the police, neither of which I have, because our program collected all our documents to apply for our NIEs in a nice big group so we could get appointments faster. I have no idea when I'm going to get my NIE, nor how to figure out how to access information on how the application is going. I know we won't get the little NIE cards until December. The program requires us to open a bank account, however, within 30 days of teaching so they can start depositing our paychecks. Supposedly, we should be able to open a temporary bank account at Santander or at BBVA with just a passport, but the guy at the branch near me apparently didn't get that memo. I guess I'll go to the BBVA up on Gran Via to see if I get a different response.

I was dumb at the grocery and could barely carry it all back. Stupid, stupid, stupid. At least I got some good deals on some things, and I have a hair dryer again.a

And I discovered I have no idea how the washing machine works. I can read everything on the machine fine, but I have no idea what the units mean. I have options for Cotton 90, Cotton 60, Cotton 30, etc, but I know from what Marcos told me that those are not directly correlated with time or with temperature (even in Farenheit). I picked a setting, and it kept washing with no apparent end in sight. So I went over and manually tried to rinse, spin, and drain it. I seriously doubt if all the soap is out of my towels, and I have no idea why the machine won't do these things automatically. Surely Marcos would have mentioned something when I asked him the other day? It's a good thing I tried it out on towels, let me tell you. However, it also is not doing much to solve the problem that I haven't done laundry for almost two weeks, and I'm getting a little low on clothes. You don't dry your clothes here, you hang them, so I need ample time to get the laundry washed and hung before I can wear it.

Andrea has been here all day, but I don't know if she's working from home or what. She's been in her room talking on the phone, and I'm afraid to go in and ask her to fix this infernal machine for me.

There's not even a real language barrier going on here (a little bit at the bank), and I'm irritated. Work, clothes washer, work! I am about to commence yelling at inanimate objects.


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Oct. 3rd, 2009 01:07 am (UTC)
Sounds crappy and annoying. i wish you look in your endeavors to get all of this fixed and worked out.
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